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Rather than a traditional conference presentation with one presenter at the front of the room giving a talk, the unconference sessions are the opposite. They are a free-form, bottom-up style of conference discussion session that works particularly well with a transdisciplinary type of conference like this one.

Participants can claim a room and suggest a discussion topic. If other people find this topic interesting, they can sign up to join that discussion. If you are in a discussion and find that it is not interesting to you, it is OK to leave and go to a different room for a different discussion.

The topic suggestion and sign-up wil be open all day on Saturday and in the morning on Sunday. Then the unconference sessions will be held after lunch on Sunday from 13:30-14:00.

Please use the “Dotstorming” link below to suggest topics for different rooms and to add your name to the list of people joining a particular discussion in the comment sections.


Note: this is our first time to do unconference sessions and the first time to use digital sign-up sheets. There is a possibility that we may encounter technological problems with this, and we may have to switch to low-tech, paper sign up sheets. Sorry advance for any inconvenience!

The Conference

For our 2016 conference, JALTCALL are excited to continue our partnership with JALT’s fastest-growing special interest group, the Mind, Brain, and Education SIG, otherwise known as the BRAIN SIG. As many of you know, at the 2015 PanSIG conference, the CALL & BRAIN SIGs held joint forums which explored the intersection of educational technology and Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science. We have done so because we believe that these two fields will be instrumental in changing the face of education in the coming years.

Conference Handbook

Please download the 2016 Conference Handbook.


June 3rd-5th 2016, Tamagawa University, Tokyo. Or you can view on Google Maps.

Pre-conference workshop schedule Friday night (June 3)

Click here for workshop schedule.


Please pay by cash at the conference site. (Pre-registration is closed).


Keynote Mark (ALTC Pic)Speaker
Mark Pegrum
University of Western Australia.
Saturday, 17:00-18:10

P Howard-JonesPlenary Speaker (virtual presentation)
Paul Howard-Jones
Graduate School of Education, Bristol University.

Julia Volkman picPlenary Speaker (virtual presentation sponsored by JALT Yokohama Chapter)
Julia Volkman
President/Founder of Maitri Learning and Teaching Fellow for Neuroscience of Learning: An Introduction to Mind, Brain & Education at Harvard University (Extension School).

View video of virtual presentation